Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A (belated) award to Hendrick Hertzberg

Republican JesusFrom the Calling a Spade a Spade Department, in alliance with the Day Late Dollar Short Division of our UpToTheMinuteNews™ Service, for his hilarious report of a couple weeks ago on the Iowa caucus results:

One by one, all the other claimants to the title of No. 1 “movement” and/or Christianist conservative had peaked and plummeted …

It's useful to distinguish them from the millions of regular Christians, is the point.

+ + + + +

I first encountered the term on The Daily Dish, and Wikipedia says … oh, hey, look!

'Christianism: Not to be confused with Christianity'. (Screenshot of the disambiguation tip at the top of the Wikipedia entry for Christianism.)

Not to be confused, indeed.

Anyway, Wikipedia says that Safire gave credit to Sully for the coinage. Or at least the reissue. Reading that piece, though, I see that I am also only about seven years behind in congratulating Mr. Hertzberg. Sorry, Rick.

And see Urban Dictionary. Guess the term has become more mainstream than I had thought. God bless us everyone.

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