Thursday, August 30, 2012

You should disable Java in your browser. Now.

Here's how.

Here's why. More here and here.

I'll add that I have not had Java running in my main browser since forever, and I can't think of any site I care about that's hampered by this absence. So, do it. It'll take you one minute (unless you're an IE user, in which case, here's yet another reason to switch!), and you'll be measurably safer.


Don McArthur said...

Thanks for the head's up.

Brendan Keefe said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I guess. One less piece of crap to ask me if it can update itself, if nothing else.

(No pedantry?)

Anonymous said...

Anon above was indeed I. Your robot-detector is picky.

Anonymous said...


Brendan Keefe said...

No idea why your comments got sent to spam, Anon. Sorry for the annoyance.