Monday, January 07, 2013

Line of the Day: 2012-01-07

Apparently, Ross Douthat is still hand-wringing for the Grand Ole Par-tay (that never was). This provokes a response far more worth linking to.

If you want to save the Republican party, leave it. Find common cause with centrist Democrats; Lord knows you've got enough. You're gonna have to admit that the only sovereignty over a woman's reproductive system belongs to her own brain, and you're going to have to admit that the government can do good things, and really ought to pay lip service to the poor, the sick, and the needy while it stockpiles carrier fleets. That is, you're going to have to appear sensible,, and you're going to have to get your Bronze Age impulses cut down to where they'll fit in your own garage again.
    -- Doghouse Riley

No word on whether said garage is allowed to have car elevators and such.

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