Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sinking ship to squeaky rat: GTFO

Sarah Palin pouting

In case you haven't heard, FoxNews made He®self a contract renewal offer that even she was able to refuse.


Kevin Robbins said...

Damn you Brendan. I was already at Tbogg's and saw that cottage cheese. Shoulda looked before I clicked. Don't know if you saw this but Twitter was alive with the sound of failure.

Jack said...

You should go read the comments over at Conservatives4Palin. By the horde-full they are taking this as fantastic news, another bright spot on Palin's fast rise to super-stardom. And they're totally serious!

Sample: "This is what we had been praying and asking for since last year and now it has happened. Praise God!. I'm very happy that she has parted ways with Fox."

Another: "Finally,..... Sarah is now unshackled from that restrictive FOX contract, can you imagine, she had to get permission to go on Mark Levin, or Hannutys radio shows. FOX is now moving left, (their ratings prove it) and there is much more Sarah has to offer and get done. Way to go Sarah!"

And: "Very very good news!!!! I don't know how my esteem of this awesome patriot could rise any further but man, somehow it has!!!!! Folks, I do my best in my neck of the woods for the freedom cause, but when it comes to the brilliance of the Governor, and her checkmate moves, I'm just along for the ride :)"

And, my favorite: "I.N.T.E.R.E.S.T.I.N.G!!

Now who would not renew a contract where you work a few hours a MONTH and make a million plus per year??

Someone who has greater plans, and someone who is NOT FOR SALE, that's who!!!

I just may be able to ditch my anti depressants now!!

(Just kidding about the meds :)"

Jack said...

Hehe, those Twitter reactions posted by Kevin were hilarious.

bjkeefe said...

Thanks to you both.

When I did the post, I went over to C4P in hopes of finding something hilarious, but I didn't think to check the comments.