Thursday, January 31, 2013

Drat. And I always thought I looked rather come hither in my french maid's outfit.

According to science:

More Housework, Less Sex: Married men who spend more time doing traditionally female chores, like cooking, cleaning and shopping, report having less sex than husbands who don’t do as much, reports The Houston Chronicle. Conversely, men who did more manly chores, such as yard work, paying bills and auto repairs, reported having more sex.

On the other hand, maybe husbands who are secure enough to do "women's work" also feel less compelled to exaggerate how much they're getting.


Susan of Texas said...

Also, kid chores, cooking and cleaning are all done at night. By the time you get all the kids to finish homework, do chores, take baths, and get off the computer to go to bed, you're annoyed and exhausted. And those chores are every night, while cutting the lawn is once a week or so, paying the bills once a month, auto repairs once in a while. Of course they have more energy.

If this is a factor, by the way, it's the men who are too tired for sex, not the woman who finds doing the dishes emasculating. And believe me, there's nothing sexier than a man who eases your workload.

Do husbands pay the bills? I thought women usually do that.

bjkeefe said...

That part about night-time chores seems sensible. Except then how would it be that the non-helping husbands are able to get their therefore tired wives in the mood?

Thanks for the end of paragraph 2, though.

As to your closing question, I've never been married, but in the two live-in arrangements I've been in, I paid the bills, yes. (Well, I wrote the checks, put them in the envelopes, and filed the paperwork, I mean -- the funding in both cases a 50-50 split.) I think this probably had more to do with me being somewhat obsessive about organizing such things, though.

Susan of Texas said...

Women are used to being tired! More seriously, that's an interesting question. Perhaps the type of man who won't help his wife with their household is the type who doesn't care if she's tired. Or who exaggerates the number of times he has sex.