Friday, October 20, 2006

Closet Cases

Within the world of gay Washington, many of Capitol Hill's gay Republicans are out about their sexual orientation -- but not about where they work. (source [S$])

That seems sensible to me. I'd only be ashamed of the job, too.


Brando said...

I don't understand how anyone can be a gay Republican. It doesn't mean you have to be a Democrat if you're gay, but how can you support a party that openly says you don't have the same level of citizenship as everyone else.

bjkeefe said...

Well, I once saw a semi-convincing argument presented on The West Wing.

A gay Republican Congressman was talking to Josh, and Josh asked the same question that you just did. The GRC's response was, first, he agreed with 98% of what his party stood for, and second, a change-from-within argument.

Ultimately, I agree with you about this dissonance of orientation and registration, of course. (I did say "semi-convincing.")

For that matter, I don't understand how anyone who's not very rich, very intolerant, or very dumb has anything to do with the Reps.

But, you know. Different strokes for different folks.

Which is probably an unfortunate cliché in this context.

Brando said...

They are seriously deluding themselves about the change from within, however. No chance as long as the thumpers have so much say in the GOP.