Sunday, March 03, 2013

Line of the Day: 2013-03-03

You've heard about the conservative pundits taking money from certain Malaysians to write favorable things about certain Malaysians, and unfavorable things about certain other Malaysians, in America? Featuring the comedy stylings of Josh "You Must Include The Tilde To Show How I Am Not Racist" Treviño and his ignorance of the ignorantia juris non excusat principle?

Quick overview here, if not.

And now for the LotD.

It seems that some years ago Malaysia’s ruling party took a good look at leading pundits and policy intellectuals in the conservative movement, reached a judgment about their personal and intellectual integrity or lack thereof, and acted in accordance with that judgment.

Funny how Malaysia gets who these people are and what motivates them — while our own press corps doesn’t.

-- Paul Krugman

PK includes in this gimlet-eyed view some observations on the Heritage Foundation's related antics.

Whoops. Should have warned you to sit down there first, as the man says.

[Added] Speaking of whom, we now have a tie for LotD:

"According to Rich Lowry in Politico" is a phrase which proves Chomsky's idea that mastering the fundamental structures of language allows you to invent statements more horrible than you thought possible.

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