Thursday, February 28, 2013

Further proof that I am the worst person in the world

shy smiley

Sorry, everybody.

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TC said...

Notice that the 600 incoming are from only 125 people. Those 125 are pounding you with 6+ emails each. You probably answered them 6 at a time or something. If you were the worst person in the world you wouldn't have 125 friends pounding you with multiple emails. Unless they were all hate emails, this is a feat to be admired. As far as I can remember I've received an answer to every email I've ever sent you. Certainly a better record than most of the people I send emails to. Far far from the worst, in fact one of the best.

Maybe you're feeling guilty because the pope is retiring and you want confession before it's too late. LOL

bjkeefe said...


Jack said...

Heh. What TC said.

And, wow, that's a lot of incoming email!

It's a lot of OUTGOING email!

But yeah, still waiting for a reply to that one I sent yesterday... ;-) Just kidding!

Kevin Robbins said...

As long as you're not responding to the ones from Nigeria you're probably alright.

Substance McGravitas said...

There's money in those!

bjkeefe said...

Yeah, but you have to give some to get some.