Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm bad, I'm worldwide

From a page of last week's stats about visitors to this blog:

Unfortunately, due to cropping, the part in the right column header saying "(millions)" was truncated. We regret the error.

(title: cf.)


M. Bouffant said...

I get more Linux than Mac OS. But the non-North American punters are virtually all Western Euros (a few Russkies & Ukes) or English-speakers (India, Australia).

bjkeefe said...

"Punters?" People bet on your blog??


Me, too, on the OS: Windows (67%), Linux (18%), Mac (9%), plus a bunch of others at 1% or under (among which was the fascinating "iPod (2) <1%." You can read a blog on an iPod? Who knew?

How's your browser share? Mine is Firefox (38%), IE (31%), Chrome (15%), Safari (8%), Opera (3%), BingPreview (wtf?) (1%), etc.

Update on the countries: Ukraine has jumped from 10th to 7th place (probably a Good Thing we're not still under the Reagan Administration), and Bulgaria has bumped Indonesia for a coveted spot on the top 10. I love the Internet!

(Yes, I am aware these are all almost certainly comment spammers, but just play along.)