Tuesday, February 05, 2013



After the Pistons’ Will Bynum missed his second free throw with 6 minutes 3 seconds left, Chandler corralled the ball to secure his 20th rebound for a third straight game. The last Knick to achieve the feat was Willis Reed in 1969. No N.B.A. player has recorded 20 rebounds in four straight games.

Next game is Wednesday night. Against the Wizards. So I like his chances.


Substance McGravitas said...

Jeezis. Woulda thought Rodman had done it.

bjkeefe said...

Yes, that would have been on my short list of guesses, too. And how did Chamberlain, Russell, Abdul-Jabbar, and Moses Malone all not do it, either?

bjkeefe said...

Or Shaq.

bjkeefe said...

Just saw a graphic during the intro to the Wed night Knicks game: most three-game streaks of 20+ rebounds (maybe over the past 20 years or something). A short list, with a handful of guys having 1 or 2.

At the top of the list?

Dennis Rodman: 16.

Substance McGravitas said...

Indeed. No Oak?

bjkeefe said...

Didn't notice anyone's name but Rodman -- I was just walking past the teevee at the time.