Saturday, April 27, 2013

Whence I came

Look at them, happy, smiling, no gray hair ...

... probably because I was more than thirteen years shy of becoming a teenager.

[Photo by Ruth Bass.]


Ocean said...

That's a beautiful photograph. And quite some resemblance between father and son...

I just brought old photos from my old home country. I still have to go through them and scan them. But I love old family photographs. I guess that as we get older we turn to the past a bit.

bjkeefe said...

Oddly enough, most people have said I look like my mother. Not so much in that picture, though.

I sort of agree that we like looking at pictures of the past more as we get older, but I think I've always liked looking at old pictures.

M. Bouffant said...

All for the old pix too, but I think as we age (and often the people & stuff in them age to non-existence) they become more compelling or whatever.

Is the vacant lot they're standing in the future site of their/your house?

Proving you're not a robot sez: "appreciate weedor." Or what?

bjkeefe said...

Perhaps one reason old pix become more compelling as we get older is that we know more of the old people pictured.

That is not the future site of their/my house, no. They were at a wedding, in the Berkshires, I think. Lots of open space there, so that could well be the backyard of the house or other facility that the ceremony and/or reception was held at.

I presume you just answered ELSE!