Friday, August 16, 2013

Good piece on Dave Chapelle



TC said...

Some of Dave's stand up routines are hilariously funny. His show on the Comedy Channel was painfully bad. Sort of on the level of SNL when they do their uninspired skits. JMHO, of course. I wonder what the new Dave is like. Any of his new stuff on You Tube or hulu?

bjkeefe said...

Huh. I really liked his show. Granted, not every last sketch worked, but I thought most of them did, often brilliantly.

I remember reading somewhere that there were more DVDs of the show sold than the total number of people who ever tuned in. Which, of course, does not prove that you should have liked it or anything.

I haven't looked for anything by him on YouTube, but you might start here. Some possibilities, at first glance.