Friday, August 23, 2013

Line of the Day: 2013-08-23

Ah, man. I probably shouldn't blockquote this, since it's the closing paragraph of a post of which you should read the whole thing.

But it's that good.

Okay, your choice: do the usual trick, if you really don't want to read the few paragraphs that come first, or go get yourself some context.

When it's important I'm willing to make common cause with some rightwing asshole to push the tide back on civil liberties. But when you line up with Rand Paul you know what you're getting. [Jeff] Jarvis is so full of shit, he's as useless as an ally as he is as an opponent -- maybe even more useless; he discredits any cause by adopting it. I'm beginning to think newspapers would already be utterly dead by now if Jarvis hadn't spent the past ten years predicting it.
    -- Roy Edroso

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