Sunday, August 24, 2014

Line of the Day: 2014-08-24

Over the course of my work I have come to the realization that it is very difficult to endanger or kill large numbers of people except with a claim to virtue.
     -- Robert Jay Lipton

The piece from which I swiped that is ... I dunno. Either meh, or too much of a 101-level course when I'm looking for 102. It's about shifting attitudes regarding climate change, if you're interested.

But I did like that line.

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Ocean said...

Yes, that phrase tells you about humankind, virtue, and stupidity.

In terms of the article, I read it yesterday and it left me wondering whether this will become another survivalists' theme, another excuse for their craziness (hoarding food, guns, building shelters, dressing in military fatigues), instead of a call for action, preventive, remedial or whatever seems appropriate.

Lastly, give the writer a break. You know, a colleague, but most importantly, a real good one! I'll encourage you to read his rather brief wikipedia page. His work is quite interesting.