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Do I Know My Wingnuts, Or What?


Previously on this blog:


He was once a "prominent backer of FL Gov. Charlie Crist," so, you know: NotARealConservative™, The End.

Just thought to check Wingnuttia Search for Jim Greer, and, as Gomer Pyle would say:

(alt. video link)

The Corner's Robert Costa ctrl-v's a long blockquote, and then without further ado, links to "more about the Crist-Greer connection."

From Jim Geraghty, also enjoying the wingnut welfare at the NRO:

This is the Jim Greer often described as “Charlie Crist’s personal pick to head the Republican Party of Florida.”

"Often described," Mr. Nixon Jim? Don't you mean, "Some would say?"

But let's get to the Real Men of the Real Conservative movement, who aren't afraid to stand up to a charging RINO.

Lieutenant "muckraker" of the RedState Trike Force:

I am quietly proud I was early on the bandwagon in the Republican Party of Florida in the effort to oust Jim Greer as RPOF Chairman. Read about it here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

The GHEMRotRSTF himself:

Greer was Charlie Crist’s hand picked chairman of the Florida GOP and together they collaborated on destroying Marco Rubio.

Special Ed, from Hot Air:

Update: Crist ally arrested

And so on.

Oh, no, wait. One more headline, from RaciSt McCain:

Charlie Crist’s Buddy Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer Faces Felony Charges

Note how he attempts to tar not only Crist, but the entire ("not conservative enough") Republican Party with that headline. This is one far gone teabagger.

No word yet from Michelle Malkin on how Greer is actually Messikin and Muslin, but, y'know, the night is still young.

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