Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You run for Senate in Alaska Kentucky with the security goons you have, not the security goons you wish you had

Hear about the woman who got stomped by Rand Paul campaign volunteers?

Woman stomped by Rand Paul campaign volunteers

Steve Benen has details.

Via Gawker, here's the face at the other end of that foot:

Stomper Tim Profitt and Rand Paul

His name is Tim Profitt.

Imagine how rich you'd be if you had a nickel for every time the following phrase was typed into the wingnutosphere today: "... just a few bad apples ..."

Rush Limbaugh applauded how this "threat" from a "professional agitator" was "restrained."

And Rand?

Mr. Paul called on “both sides” for civility ...

Yeah, lady. Hope you didn't give that poor man's foot a bone bruise with your jaw. I mean, really, you didn't even give him a chance to slip into his protective jackboots.

(h/t: Twin, who provided the first picture, too)



juandos said...

I think the guy actually has his foot on this felonious, unhinged moonbat's shoulder...

It actually should be stomping her head so the wig will fit properly next time...

Brendan said...

Gee, what a surprise. Someone who uses Hateway Pundit as his source for information has such a small dick he uses a picture of a gun for his avatar.

Don't even waste my time trying to spin this brutality into something good, you fascist. Just go back to your basement and continue wanking to your fantasies of beating up women, like the rest of your kind who can't get it up any other way.