Monday, October 18, 2010

You run for Senate in Alaska with the security goons you have, not the security goons you wish you had

Pictured below: "security" guards hired by Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate and teabagger darling Joe Miller, and the journalist they handcuffed to a chair for asking Miller questions.


Not to worry. I'm sure this doesn't portend anything for America once the Republicans return to power.

Story (and pic. source): Anchorage Daily News.

(h/t: Riley Waggaman)

[Added] And then there's Kentucky ...


Substance McGravitas said...

I think Joe Miller needs all that security cuz the muslins are gonna get him.

Brendan said...

A picture like that makes you wonder why the wingnuts are so worried about "creeping Sharia," doesn't it?

Twin said...

... makes you wonder ...

I know that was tongue in cheek, but Steve M. has a good answer:

"Right-wingers don't believe in freedom. Not across the board. Right-wingers believe in freedom for "us." Not for "them." If you belong to the "wrong" group -- critics of the government (when the government is run by right-wingers), non-whites, gays, liberals, the "liberal media" -- then fascism directed against you simply isn't fascist. It's a defense of freedom to deny freedom to bad people."