Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cool paintings

Since I have a Google Alert set up for Allie Brosh, who has some lame excuse for not blogging lately, I happened across this, by Sam Spratt:

Which reminds of me of this thing I saw on JWZ's blog and kept meaning to pass along:

I think that's by muckle (whose last name is apparently Carruthers, not Flugga, I'm sad to report), and is called "Space Invaders Extreme To The Max, Yo - Textured." See also the non-textured version, equally cool.

Back to Sam Spratt, here is his Twitter avatar, which I'd guess might be a self-portrait:

Visit Sam's YouTube channel to see videos (greatly speeded up) of the first picture above, and two more of his paintings, being made.

Phew! Made it all the way through the post without cursing any of those three people for being so much more talented than me!

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