Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Attn: Gail Collins (and all other Willard-watchers)

News item from Raw Story:

... a protester with the group “Dogs Against Romney” was recently pulled over by police in Littleton, Colorado for suspected animal abuse after officers spotted a dog kennel with what appeared to be an animal inside, strapped to the top of a vehicle.

It turned out the man just had a stuffed animal inside and he was not cited.

Man, that just made my day.

As did the reason I jumped over to that story in the first place. Apparently, Romney has taken on a whole new meaning. As of this moment, Mr. Number Two (iykwimaityd) is number three on Google!

(h/t: Daniel Clark and Hebrewzzi)

[Update] Romney pointing to spreadingromney.com is down to sixth as of this moment. We'll hope that one of the items above it goes away soon, though.


toma said...

Oh man, that got me laughing. And what if I've shat myself in glee? Who would that be, sir?

bjkeefe said...

Considering how much of that stuff they each got the GOP base and the MSM to swallow, while laughing all the way to the bank, I'd say it's either Palin or Gingrich.