Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Good. Because there's nothing more tedious than a self-loathing Ruby script.

The process doesn’t daemonise itself ...

Wait. Wait wait wait. That's not the weird part.*

I happened across the above while looking to see if a semi-spammy-seeming email had anything behind it.

On a thoroughly unrelated note (except chronologically), and my weakness for nerd jokes aside, I did next find what I was looking for, and did the first thing you always do with a new search engine: type in your own name. Which didn't return much, but did lead me to discover that a phrase of mine apparently went sorta viral about a year ago.

I guess I have an OpenSalon post from The Majority Report to thank for that. So, thanks, Sam! (Or whoever actually runs that blog.) And let us hope a seed or two got lodged in Matt Bai's ear.

* (The part to which I refer starts at 0:24).

(alt. audio link | transcript)

I think I only ever saw that once, when it originally aired, but I've never forgotten it. (Although admittedly it did blur a bit -- if you know me AFK, you might have heard me say that the weird part is "a different golden retriever.")

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