Thursday, February 02, 2012

I feel like Spock in real life

Screenshot of the advertising column on my Gmail inbox page, showing links to everything from locksmiths to Christian lyrics to help planning a birthday for my daughter.You know, that time when he sent the rogue computer into a nervous breakdown by commanding it to compute π to the last digit.

Not to keep being that guy on this, but I gotta say, what's shown at right indicates to me that after half a decade, at least, of being logged into Google and letting it examine what's rather hysterically called my personal data, the most powerful computer network on the planet still can't do any better than throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks.

The lesson? Spend a part of your day, every day, on Gmail, talking nonsense with your friends. That's how you defeat Skynet.

Oh, and have some more π. Mmmm, pi.

[Update 2012-03-16] Change image link from Imageshack (bad!) to Photobucket (good!)

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Ocean said...

I think your daughter will be happier if you fix your marriage first. ;)