Monday, June 05, 2006

Economist Humor

The hardest part about getting The Economist is that it comes weekly, which doesn't give me enough of a chance to read it as carefully as I'd like. But sometimes I get the chance, dig through the piles of unread issues, and then I find a little tidbit buried in a sidebar, and I realize that the superficially staid magazine can bring the snark with the best of them:

If there is a trend, Mr Rosedale says, it is perhaps that Second Life does best in places with bad weather, fast broadband connections and unexciting entertainment options. He considers British suburbs an excellent growth market.
--page 16 of the insert "A survey of new media," April 22nd 2006

I'd say that trying to push a specific demographic into wasting huge chunks of time on yet another RPG isn't going to work unless there is good pizza delivery service, but then the discussion would quickly devolve into jokes about dentistry.

Oh, and Second Life? Don't ask. There are places even a nerd like me won't go.

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