Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Proof

You'll probably be shocked, shocked to read about "'Breathtaking' Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid," regarding the Katrina aftermath.

Here's the acting deputy director of recovery, Donna M. Dannels, speaking to a House panel: "We did, in fact, put into place never-before-used and untested processes . . . Clearly, because they were untested, they were more subject to error and fraud."

Never-before-used and untested processes? What, FEMA never had to help out after a natural disaster before? Or did they toss all the previously used and tested processes into the trash, because they came from Bill Clinton?

It's easy enough to say, "Heckuva job," and move on. But I think a reminder is warranted: The next time some guy tells you how he's going to be the CEO president . . .


Anonymous said...

How low can you stoop? I was at a civil war reenactment last weekend and the "actors" told us that there was a famous civil war museum in New Orleans that contained irreplaceable civil war artifacts. After Katrina it was looted by persons unknown and the collection pillaged. Shades of Baghdad.

bjkeefe said...

Shades of Baghdad in more ways than one. I agree, stealing non-essentials in a time of crisis is highly immoral.

But so is the federal government's lack of planning, lack of supplies, and lack of security.

Don't forget that one of the reasons it took the National Guard troops so long to get into position in New Orleans is that W insisted that the governor of Louisiana relinquish control over them, despite the law concerning such deployments.