Saturday, December 16, 2006

Line of the Day: 2006-12-16

Okay, it was actually said fifty years ago. But I never heard it before, and thanks are due to George Will for being old for remembering it:

During the 1956 presidential campaign, comedian Mort Sahl said: "Eisenhower stands for 'gradualism.' Stevenson stands for 'moderation.' Between these two extremes, we the people must choose!"

There's nothing else to recommend about this particular Will column. It's just blather about Romney and McCain. I thus give the the link for purposes of attribution only.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I rarely read George Will as he's too full of George Will. But that quote is pretty good.:) And I read VF only if it's the only thing besides kleenex on the waiting room tables.

I'm not a whole lot of help expanding your points, am I?:) I did read Carter's "Conservatives without conscience", and highly recommend it.

bjkeefe said...

I agree, to some degree, about George Will. But he is one of the few conservative columnists that I know about whom I find worth reading from time to time, especially since RSS feeds make it effortless to have a glance. I don't often agree with him, but at least his voice sounds like his own, and not one of the Rovian parrots, and did so even before the recent elections.

As for VF, I can only say that you must frequent a higher class of waiting rooms than I do. I can't think of the last time I saw anything besides the rags that clutter the check-out lines at the grocery store.

Okay, I don't really spend that much time in waiting rooms, so my statistics are probably not meaningful.