Saturday, March 17, 2007

Reading Recommendations: 2007-03-17

Nothing Irish about this list. I am occasionally as irritated with St. Patrick's Day* as many African-Americans are about "Black History Month." That said, all but the first entry on this list are screamingly funny with a large nugget of truth, which, your host possibly excluded, is what the Irish do best.

  • One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones
  • David Pogue's review of a new service called GrandCentral, which offers you one phone number for life. This to me is both intriguing and tempting. Arthur Clarke (or as Clare would correct me, Arthur C. Clarke) predicted this scenario a couple of decades ago. What GrandCentral offers appears to be the realization of Clarke's idea, with an additional bunch of cool features.

  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Joel Johnson Spank Us All for Supporting Crap
  • An excellent rant, featuring the characteristic blend of this genre: incoherence, thrashing about for targets of blame, and several telling points, all of which make for a funny read.

  • Us to George -- sure, whatever
  • Bill Maher, in an op-ed for the LA Times. No need to sell Maher, right? He's the man. Thanks to TC for the referral.

  • The Pain -- When Will It End?
  • The web site for a weekly cartoon from Tim Kreider, which/who I had not known about until following a link from a post on "The Blog that is not Dan's Data," which is worth a read in itself.

    My bulleted link points to the home page, which gives you the latest of Kreider's cartoons. Visit his archives for more. Most of the archived pages have links pointing to the next and previous cartoons, so if your sense of humor overlaps mine, you can easily spend a happy hour or two here. (If your sense of humor doesn't overlap mine, you might find some of the cartoons a bit offensive -- Kreider is refreshingly frank about sex and religion.)

    Here are five that I particularly liked:

* For example …

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