Friday, November 30, 2007

IDiots Rule

The lede:

The state's director of science curriculum has resigned after being accused of creating the appearance of bias against teaching intelligent design.

Imagine that. Someone in charge of science education has a bias -- wait, appears to have a bias -- against pseudoscience. The horror!

Former Texan Nick Anthis has a good open letter that I urge you to read, with plenty of useful links. Me, I'm out of gas. The Creationist movement has sapped me of hope for the future of this country.

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Alastair said...

Wow, an email with the comment "FYI" is now a smoking gun?

Of course the real WTF here is the premise that the state science educators should remain neutral on the subject of ID. But even if you accept that, you'd have to admit they are setting the bar pretty low for transgressions.

In a fantasy world of make-believe where standards of separation between professional responsibilities and personal beliefs are consistently applied, we might also expect mass resignations from legislators with bibles on their bookshelves.

I kid, of course.

(Nothing against Texans or Texas by the way, I've been there as a backpacking youth and I will always have a certain fondness for it.)