Friday, November 30, 2007

Lines of the Day: 2007-11-30

From today's Achenblog, in a post titled "The Politics of Nastiness:"

As for Obama, who was it who came up with that great line about "he has an instinct for the capillary"?

(I think it was Glenn Reynolds.) Not that I wish Obama were meaner, and not that I care for Glenn Reynolds at all, but it's a good line.

Also from Joel:

Kucinich couldn't instill fear in a squirrel.
Romney's as authentic as a Twinkie.
... and Broder, who's seen a candidate or two in his day, described Rudy as having the personal warmth of Voldemort.

As for myself, I woke up this morning thinking we ought to call the Black Helicopter types, who support the doctor from Texas, The Appauled.

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