Monday, March 08, 2010

Torture First, Ask Questions Later

Regarding an American citizen captured in Pakistan, bedwetters Bill Burck and Dana Perino soil the already sopping wet Corner:

It’s time to put intelligence gathering ahead of the “rights” of those who wage war on us.

Yeah! Who cares if we don't even yet know who we've got? Let's just start beating on him! USA! USA! USA!

And yes, those quote marks are in the original -- “rights” -- which pretty well sums up the Bushies, don't you think?

Land of the free! Home of the brave!

(h/t: Betty Cracker)

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Twin said...

Gosh, I thought "rights" were God-given and universal and inalienable. That's the conservative position, after all.

Guess God doesn't give "rights" to people who don't vote Republican.