Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Never Mind the Green Backdrop ...

... how's this for an unfortunate image?

How fitting that, on the night Barack Obama finally claimed the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton delivered her non-concession speech from a concrete bunker. To reach the Baruch College gymnasium where Hillary spoke with such surprising defiance her supporters had to descend two flights below street level. The thick subterranean walls blocked out cell phone and BlackBerry signals, and no televisions were provided in the main event hall, thereby insulating Hillary’s cheering supporters (intentionally, some theorized) from the dispiriting events unfolding at the Xcel Center in Minneapolis.

Does it get worse? Uh ... let me just give you the first sentence of the second paragraph.

In the bunker there exists a different reality.

What? You want more? Read here.

What? You have no idea what the post title refers to? Well, then, time for a little Veracifier. (Thanks for the tip, twin!)

(alt. video link)

(h/t for the bunker link: Kevin K./rumproast. And, via Instaputz, see also Kevin's next post.)


twin said...

That was great how they ended it with everyone laughing at Harold Ford's praise for McCain's speech.

This comment from Matt Yglesias captures it nicely:

"I thought it was strange that Harold Ford's on MSNBC right now deliberately sabotaging the Democratic Party, lavishly praising John McCain and McCain's speech. Then I remembered that Ford took over as head of the DLC so boosting the GOP is part of his job."

Brendan said...

Yeah, that Matt, huh? Damn him, how's he get to be so smart, so young?

Unrelated to your comment, but related to the post: More on the green backdrop.