Friday, December 09, 2011

Evidence that The Singularity is upon us

Examine this picture closely. It's okay. It's for Science.


Notice anything odd?

Hint: which model do think has the best body?

Won't someone think of the children who are trying to make a living with Photoshop?

(h/t: TC, via email, and Rebecca J. Rosen)


Jack said...

More here.

The Dove video at that link is quite interesting, if you haven't seen it before.

Brendan said...

Note "Rebecca J. Rosen" link in the h/t.

But thanks, nonetheless.

Jack said...

Oh. Duh.

Ocean said...

In the Dove video, I would have made the chin slightly shorter. But, that's a woman's view...

Brendan said...

@Jack: No "duh." It was a pretty obscured reference on my part.

@Ocean: Heh. Her chin was about the only part of her that they didn't touch.

Brendan said...

But speaking of long chins, whoa.

I'm reminded of no one so much as this guy.