Friday, December 30, 2011

Probably just as well that I don't have a camera handy

The moon is behind a narrow strip of cloud, and it's lighting up the whole thing. Covers an arc at least a quarter of the way across the sky, pretty much perpendicular to its normal path, as though it had suddenly decided to make a right turn at Albakoikee and was leaving a wake, or spraying a cloud of exhaust from its retro rockets.

As to the title, it's not that I fear I'd be unable to capture the beauty. Oh, no. It's that the CIA doesn't like us taking pictures of their chemtrails.


Jack said...


But, yeah, hard to capture that kind of thing on film. The metaphor a photography teacher of mine once used about moon photography was "most moon pictures look like pictures of a motorcycle headlight." :-D

bjkeefe said...

Heh. A memorable phrase, for sure.

I might have kinda sorta been aware of the difficulties, but I have for sure known it since the last full moon, when my father brought it up.

Some of his attempts are pretty appealing, though.