Friday, December 09, 2011

From the cabinet of curiosities

Not to get all ageist, but how old is this can of Cameo Copper Cleaner that I just found?

[Insert picture here as soon as digital camera is at hand.]

A suggestion is given by one of the selling points on the label (colors orig.):

Modern plastic container leaves no rust rings, marks or scratches on porcelain tile or other surfaces. Easy to handle, no mess, no soggy cans!

And how about on the other side, at the bottom of the label?

You'll find the Woman's Touch in every Purex product

I mean, who puts the bullet point at the end of the line anymore?

Price stamped on top has some sort of weird mark, which I think signifies a foreign currency of some kind:


Not to get all paranoid, but right after I finished composing this post, the next ad I saw (on some other site) led me to a place where I was invited to …

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