Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Grate Debate

From the WWDTM quiz in the NYT:

6. The Republican race is about to get a lot more serious and dignified, because who’s agreed to host a debate?

  1. The queen of England
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Alex Trebek
  4. Paula Abdul


6. (B) Donald Trump says he wants to evaluate the candidates himself before bestowing his sought-after endorsement. Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman and Michele Bachmann declined, Mitt Romney declined (once he figured out that’s what people wanted him to do) and Rick Perry said no, too, after spending a long time trying to remember the third letter in no.

(h/t: KK, via email)


Ocean said...

By now the GOP search for a 2012 candidate has all the elements of a best seller novel. We only need a slightly creative writer to put it all together.

We have abundant narcissism, corruption, sex, religions in tension, drama! For some reason I can almost picture an ending with Romney dressed in a bride's gown. But, who is waiting at the altar? Newt? Donald?

I have to think about that a little more.

Brendan said...

And don't forget the distinct, maybe even unique, aspect: the sheer number of rapid rise and fall stories. We've had more Saviors Of The Republican Party® come and go than Number 3 Guys In al-Qaeda Killed.