Monday, December 19, 2011

(minor housekeeping note)

The post label the myth of "voter fraud" and the reality of voter suppression is suddenly not allowed, and I'm guessing it's because the new Blogger interface simply does not care for scare quotes.

I put this post up just in case someone linked to the old label; such links should be updated to point to the new label, the myth of voter fraud and the reality of voter suppression. I will be adjusting the labels on the old posts momentarily.

Sorry if you clicked over just to read a post that is boring even by the "standards" of this blog. (Ah, good, scare quotes are still okay in the post body.) As partial compensation, and because I believe that if there is anything more important to modern humor than scare quotes, it is Venn diagrams, allow me to pass along this fine image, sent to me by MK. You even get to click it to big it!

Venn diagram showing intersection of nations who (1) "Bonded in history by American slaves" (2) were "Once a British colony (3) have "average citizen lives on less than two dollars/day" and (4) "only countries to not have adopted the metric system." (Coloring makes it ambiguous whether the US is included in item 3.)

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