Sunday, December 11, 2011

You mean, as opposed to chained up?

Ad on Facebook for with title 'See pics of women for free'

Oh, wait. You mean, as in money? That I won't have to pay? To look at pictures of women?

I hate to break it to you,, but there's this thing called the Internet, and … let's just say you're not exactly pitching a unique offering here.


Ocean said...

Chained up?

Oh, gosh, do we need to explore those fantasies now?


Brendan said...

Always check for the hover text!

Charlie F. said...

A friend of mine actually told me he thought he saw a photo of me in a ad. I searched for pictures of ads and found this. After showing him he confirmed that this was the one he saw and I was able to confirm it wasn't me. Phew!

I just wanted to say, thank you for having this picture posted on the internet so I could find it. You saved me a lot of discomfort!

Brendan Keefe said...

Wow, talk about what a tangled Web we've weaved. But anyway, glad I could help, however inadvertently. Thanks for letting me know.