Monday, October 01, 2007


So, I come home and turn on my monitor to check my mail and the latest news. After few seconds, it went blank. I figured it must have gone into sleep mode, so I jiggled the mouse. No response. Turned it off, turned it back on. Lasted only about two seconds this time. A few more tries and it now refuses to display anything at all.

What do you suppose They didn't want me to see?

Anyway, if this looks a little sloppily typed, you know why.


Bridget Jones said...

Did you check your connections?

Am a techno dummy, but Jack over at my site (drinkmorejack) is fantastic at that stuff. So is zombieslayer.

bjkeefe said...

Hey, Bridget:

It's always worth asking this question, so thanks, but yes -- I did check the connections. (One of the good things about monitor connections is that they are locked in with two screws.)

I think I just plain killed the monitor after a decade of hard use. Fortunately, I had another one, same model even -- bought for $25 off of Craigslist, back when I was running multiple machines at once.

It was kind of a fun experience getting that used monitor -- I bought it from a woman who runs a karate school who had just upgraded to a flat-panel display, and in the time it took me to verify that the monitor worked (at her studio), she had lined me up for a job with one of her students. Not karate, but construction.

Hard to believe I didn't blog about any of that, but now you at least know the outlines.