Sunday, March 11, 2012

*Gasp.* Looks like teevee actually got a bit smarter.

Melissa Harris-Perry, headshot, swiped from her eponymous website

I did not know until just now that Melissa Harris-Perry has her own show on MSNBC. And it's got a hashtag to die for!

Apparently, it launched 18 February 2012, and it airs right after the show that tweeple know as #uppers.

Thanks to ZandarVTS for explaining what #nerdland refers to. See Michael P Jeffries for a quick intro to the new show. Congrats to MHP and MSNBC.

College professors hosting political talk shows! Can't wait till Rick Santorum hears about this!

[Added] If you're reading this remotely, don't fail to drop by and see Jack's note in the Comments.


Jack said...

She comes on right after "Up with Chris Hayes," as you know. When she was trying to decide on a name for her new show, she suggested "Uppity with Melissa Harris Perry."

Hey, wait, we've had this conversation before. Or I'm having deja vu.

bjkeefe said...

ROFL! Never would've gotten that name past the suits, but it is to dream, isn't it?

It's entirely possible my memory has failed once again, but I don't remember your telling me that. Hard to think I would have forgotten a joke that good, that's for sure.

Jack said...

Heh. It is. (To dream.) She's *another* one of the best things about television -- her and Chris Hayes. And Maddow's show is nothing to sneeze at. I never dreamed in a million years I'd live to see this much solid, highly intelligent liberal opinion of the boob tube.

bjkeefe said...

Dammit. I just thought to check my Gmail archives, and it turns out that yes, you did tell me this once before, barely more than a month ago.


Old age is hell. (Of course, there could be another reason.)