Friday, March 09, 2012

Line of the Day: 2012-03-04 [sic]

Somehow or another, this post got stuck in Drafts. But this summary paragraph of Roy's, wrapping up a survey of the GOOD RIDDANCE huffing and puffing by some of the usual suspects reacting to news of a certain senator's retirement, is timeless, or so it seems these days.

[Washington Examiner "senior political columnist" Timothy J.] Carney has been peddling this line for a while -- that there's a secret, saving remnant that works behind the scenes in the Republican Party to keep it, and America, on the straight and narrow. Thus he feels compelled to describe what has clearly been the most powerful force in that Party for decades as a beleaguered minority. Why does he even try? Well, there's traditional conservative persecution mania, but I think another factor comes into play: Conservatives have fucked this country up pretty badly, and maybe they think if they pretend to have been cowering under the blows of David Frum all this time, they can convince some dummies that it was Olympia Snowe's fault.

Which inspires variation on a theme:

pie chart, for comedy


toma said...

Jiminy Cricket! There are that many 'Moderates'? Are they sleeping in burrows underground, like those 17-year cicadas?

bjkeefe said...

LOL! As good an explanation as any for their lack of visibility this millennium.