Friday, March 16, 2012

To: Libby Reinish,, Re: "You vs. Obama, Murdoch and Limbaugh"


I might be inclined to support the idea of protesting further media consolidation, but sorry, I am not going to participate in any action which equates Barack Obama with Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh. We already have enough trouble in this country with mindless loudmouths yelling "they're all the same." (See also #firebaggers and #emoprogs.)

I believe this "all the same" attitude exacerbates the problem of the rightward drift of the Democratic Party, not to mention the undue clout given to the wingnuts, by aggravating the apathy among people who are more or less liberal. Especially young people.

I am well aware that it's believed necessary to scream in Subject lines to get attention in the Inboxes of this Internet, but this time, your approach has backfired.

Brendan Keefe

[Added] on a related note, see Zandar, via Frank Chow. I will treasure this phrase for days:

... despite being arrogant and subservient at the same time while remaining worse than Bush.

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