Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tweet of the Day

From Fed Up Fed:

All the noise #wingnuts made about zombie voters in SC, and we'll hear crickets on the results of the investigation

The headline and some excerpts from that quoted link:

Investigation Finds No Dead Voters — And Zero Voter Fraud — In South Carolina

South Carolina elections are still free of dead voters.

That’s what the State Election Commission concluded from its investigation into South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson’s declaration that over 900 dead people may have voted in recent elections.

Though the charge itself is laughable, South Carolina was still compelled to devote taxpayer money to investigate whether their elections had indeed been tainted by zombie voters. Unsurprisingly, they uncovered no evidence of voter fraud:


When Wilson first leveled the charge, many conservative media outlets, from Human Events to Fox News to Weasel Zippers and others, jumped on the story, using it as justification for South Carolina’s discriminatory voter ID law. Now, four days after the State Election Commission released its initial findings, none of these organizations have ran an update or correction, much less a full story informing their readers that “dead voters” in South Carolina still don’t exist.

That’s the major problem with Scooby-Doo accusations like “dead voters”: the investigation is sexy, but the finale is always far more mundane. As ThinkProgress wrote earlier this month, “when the allegations are inevitably shown to be false, far fewer news outlets follow up.” As a result, many people are still left with the mistaken impression that dead voters tainted South Carolina’s recent elections.

Never forget: there is a faction of the Republican Party that really, really doesn't like democracy.


Uncle Ebeneezer said...

They found nothing?!? Oh my. This conspiracy goes even deeper than we feared...

bjkeefe said...

That's right: South Carolina, stealth blue state, the leading edge of the VLWC!!!1!