Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bush Under the Radar, Part 9723178

Here's a bit of news that I hadn't heard, and I'd be willing to bet that you hadn't either: President George W. Bush (aka "The Uniter, Not the Divider") has nominated one Michael Baroody to be the next chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Oh, just some guy who has spent the last decade and a half whoring for working for the National Association of Manufacturers.


Oh, just another K Street group, whose mission statement reads like this:

The NAM's mission is to advocate on behalf of its members to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers by shaping a legislative and regulatory environment conducive to U.S. economic growth and to increase understanding among policymakers, the media and the general public about the vital role of manufacturing in America's economic and national security for today and in the future.

In other words, NAM lobbies Congress to do away with those tiresome regulations that protect consumers and trots out spinmeisters to explain why this is a Good Thing. has a list of some of his "accomplishments" while at NAM.

The most prominent news article I could find concerning the nomination itself is after the jump in a WaPo gossip column, although there has been some reaction since.

Breathe deep. Eat, drink, and be merry. And don't forget to feed the kitty.


2007-04-22 12:43 EDT

On a related note, you might enjoy this short video: "What We Call The News."

Thanks for the link, KK.

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