Thursday, June 07, 2007

Heard on the Tube

So, I'm warming up the TV for Game 1, and the first thing I hear is "… appearing with knocked-up star …" But then I remember something about a movie of that name.

Then I see an ad for what might be the first reality show that doesn't immediately make me want to plunge forks into my temples: "Shaq's Big Challenge," or something like that. This is evidently about him helping fat kids lose some weight. Tag line from Shaq: "Right now, this isn't about helping them lose some pounds. This is about saving their lives." Or something to that effect.

Not that I'm actually going to watch this or anything.

Game's about to start, and the PA announcer is droning on about the two teams having players representing a total of nine different nations. For one moment, I'm afraid we're going to get nine different national anthems, then I think maybe they'll do an artsy mashup of all nine at once. That latter would be cool, if controversial.

Oh, great. This year's American Idol winner is gonna sing the SSB …  Well, I've heard worse. And it was mercifully short.

Game time!

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