Friday, June 08, 2007

Photo Talk

One of the things the cutting edge Web people will tell you is that it's inefficient to send an email. Instead, they argue, post the content on your blog, because surely there will be at least one other person who will want to hear what you had to say. Could be. Assuming they're onto something, I hereby cc the world:

Hi, Dad,

I looked up the link for the podcast that I had mentioned to you, regarding digital photography.

Probably worth reading the interviewer's blog post as a preview:

This will bring you to a page on Jon Udell's site. To give you an idea of Udell's cred: Googling just "jon" usually returns him first or second. (Bet you can't guess the other candidate. ;^) )

Anyway, Udell is a guru. And that pays off, in the same way that it used to be nice to hear Cheryl Miller do a sideline interview -- the playa respects the questions.

The MP3 file of the interview, to save you the trouble of searching through the many links in Udell's post, lives here:

I recommend right-clicking and doing a "Save As ..." on the .mp3 link. That way, you can let it download and then listen when you're in the mood, and easily pause, rewind, etc., as opposed to trying to just click on the link and listen to it real time. As I said, it's a bit geeky and also a bit too much pro-Microsoft, but among the noise is plenty of signal -- fascinating insights into the thought process of really smart people thinking about what's next for digital photography.

Another minor caveat: there is some discussion for the first fifteen minutes or so of the interview about matters somewhat unrelated -- deep geekiness about design decisions related to the Windows file system, in which Crow played a part. To me, the thinking here relates quite well to the thinking that Shaw carried into the HD Photo project, and hats off to Udell for knowing enough to ask. To others, it may seem less apparent. If it's not to your taste, suffer or fast-forward through it -- the meat is unarguably good when they do get to photo talk.

Hope you like it.


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