Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fame! (My credit balance is now down to 14 minutes, 30 seconds)

Who here caught the 25 July NY Times Tech Talk podcast?

The real excitement begins at 3:33 from the beginning.

Thanks, Tom and J.D.


Anonymous said...

Way cool, Brendan! They were very complimentary about your recommendations (the word "excellent" was used). And appropriately deferential about their error and your correction. And they said your name 3 times! Way cool!!!!

bjkeefe said...

Probably the cool kids in the blogosphere would frown at my excitement -- dude, so MSM -- but getting a letter to the editor published by the Times is still something magic to me.

Okay, this wasn't exactly that -- the ideal would be for members of my family who prefer the print edition to catch it without my having to point it out, but still. It was pretty fun.