Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Move Over, Jeanne Dixon!!!

As I predicted, several months ago, Scooter's not going to jail.

And please, save your sputterings that it's not a pardon for the mouth-breathers who watch Fox.

Which reminds me. I was in Minneapolis/St. Paul airport yesterday, and there I saw a Fox News store. On the wrong side of the security checkpoint, unfortunately. And I didn't even have my TV-B-Gone.

P.S. The title of this post was an inside joke for someone who, I am sad to report, has stated that she will never, ever, read my blog.


2007-07-14 16:02 EDT

Further evidence that brevity is the sole of wit. I bow down:

Typically, sentences do not commute. But sometimes they do. Consider:
Scooter is a liar.

Liar is a scooter.
-- Sean Carroll, in a post titled "An Abelian Perjurer"

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