Sunday, September 23, 2007

How Creepy is Pat Boone?

Pat Boone.  Creep.

Glad you asked. Here's a new measure: he now writes for WorldNetDaily.

If you don't know WND, suffice it to say that the most linked-to story on their entire site is headlined "Soy is making kids 'gay'." Really.

Anyway, Pat has just posted his version of the fable of Snow White.

To give you a flavor, the Seven Dwarfs are:

... bound by strange, liberal and sometimes seditious beliefs. Some of them were teachers and others members of what was called a "civil liberties union."

Read as you can stand and then head on over to Sadly, No! for a much needed antidote.


Unknown said...

While you're perusing the wonderful website of the WorldNetDaily, check out the review of Silent No More: Bringing Moral Clarity to America While Freedom Still Rings. One of these righteously antigay reviewers is closet case Ted Haggard:

"Rod Parsley is the real deal — a bold, dynamic man of faith who's committed to doing the right thing no matter what. This a proven, winning game plan."

    Ted Haggard, Sr. Pastor, New Life Church, Colorado President, National Association of Evangelicals

Make that ex-President! He fell from grace on allegations of homosexual sex and drug abuse. I just love moral clarity.

bjkeefe said...

Argh. Good skewering, Dan. But I'm irritated that I missed an opportunity for a trifecta in the Ted, Just Admit It post.