Thursday, August 20, 2009

Frank Talk!

Just in case you've been nowhere on the Internet for the past couple of days, here are 77 seconds of the great man from Massachusetts:

(alt. video link)

I'm sure Malkin and the rest of the perpetually outraged are howling about Frank's "arrogance" or whatever, but three cheers for Barney, I say. There comes a point where you stop wasting time politely engaging wingnuts like this woman, and you just treat them with all the respect they deserve (none).

(h/t: every libtard on the planet)


Anonymous said...

makes my day

Unknown said...

Although I have a feeling Frank would have told this wingnut to f*^@k herself regardless, I also would bet his seat is safe and his war chest full. I would also conjecture that some of the other Democratic targets victimized on the TV news have harrier districts and less room for such candor.