Thursday, September 17, 2009

You know, there's stupid, ...

... there's wingnut-stupid, and then there's Gateway Pundit.

Long after even untroubled-by-the-facts bloggers like Michelle Malkin walked back their preposterous claims of the size of the latest teabagger party ("Hey, we said 2 million, we were only off by 1,930,000"), Jim Hoft has posted some photographs of relatively uncluttered lawns taken during the recent teabagger tantrum, compared them to some carefully selected photographs of trash taken after Obama's inauguration, and concluded not "Here is clear evidence that a crowd of 70,000 is very different from a crowd of 2,000,000" but "Here is clear evidence that conservatives are CLEAN and liberals are FILTHY."


And yeah, he's still parroting the lie that there were 2 million teabaggers there.

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Unknown said...

* we said 2 million, we were only off by 1,930,000 *

ROFL. That cracks me up.