Sunday, October 30, 2011

Because you don't get enough spam already

I just added a gadget over in the sidebar that will allow you to sign up to get notified by email of new posts on this blog. Please let me know if you have any problems with it, should you decide to try it.

If it needs saying: I will not share your email address with anyone. (I am not even sure that I can see the addresses that get typed in; they're probably all handled by Google/Blogger behind the scenes.)

[Added] I put in one of my other addresses to test it. It looks like you'll get at most one email per day, and you'll only get that if I post something new that day. If you want to be notified more frequently -- i.e., as each new post appears --you might want to follow me on some social networking thing (links over there in the sidebar) or use a feed reader. Details available on request -- drop a note in the Comments or send me an email.

[Added2] Just got my first email from the above. It'll be from bjkeefe, with subject "bjkeefe," which is probably not likely to be the most informative line in your Inbox, but there it is. Also, it doesn't look like images or embedded videos come through, which may be to your liking or may not. It's easy enough to click over to the relevant post(s), though.

1 comment:

bjkeefe said...

If you don't have enough guts to sign your own name, Dave Lundberg, you ought to at least be brave enough not to sign somebody else's.

I have therefore deleted your comment. You may repost it under your real name, or one of your online pseudonyms, such as Whatfur.

Or even anonymously, if you like. But at least have enough courage not to lie about who and what you really are.