Monday, October 17, 2011

Factoid of the Day

Of the more than 1,200 living billionaires in the world, he's one of only 19 who have donated at least $1 billion.

That from a piece about Jon Huntsman's father, not that it much matters to me. What I'm interested in is the general skinflint nature of the megarich, and even more so, why Forbes is suddenly engaging in class warfare!!!1!

That article also does not list the other good guys, but I went and found that list, because, as Charles Pierce probably never exactly said, I are a full-service blog.

(h/t: NYT)

P.S. If you come across the new home of Mr. Pierce's blog, I'd be grateful if you'd drop a note in the Comments.

P.P.S. Google Before You Ask Department: Looks like he left the Boston Globe to become the new HMFIC over at Esquire's political blog. That has long been a fine blog; I am sure he will only make it better, although I will miss his blog-commentary on sports. Also, according to gossip, this move stemmed from Charles having been disciplined by the Globe for having (elsewhere) once called Christine O'Donnell "a sideshow freak." If true, this does not say very much about the Globe's commitment to facts, although I suppose it's conceivable they slapped his wrist for being too polite about it.


Uncle Ebeneezer said...

Good to see he still covers sports. Good post on LaRussa the!:

bjkeefe said...

I'm not sure the argument holds up, but I'm always happy to see someone else bash St. Tony. Thanks.

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